The Reflexion format

In the run-up to the conference, in-depth modules with different focus areas take place between March and June 2021. These will be organised in cooperation with partners, and their results will be presented at the conference.   

Focus 1: funding structures, Basel 

The Christoph Merian Foundation, in collaboration with Wildwuchs, is planning a series of webinars for the exchange of knowledge between cultural funding agencies. The webinars focus on access to culture, in order to support disabled artists and all of those who, for various reasons, are not able to fully participate in cultural life. Specific ideas and tools in the area of cultural participation will be offered and discussed. In this module, IntegrART links positions which inform what structures funding agencies can implement so that disabled artists receive better support. Which models and tools are already available abroad that could be of interest to Switzerland?

Focus 2: structures in education, Lugano

Exclusions in arts education lead to exclusions within the wider cultural sector. What approaches are available to counter academic exclusion? And what actions can artists and cultural institutions take? Together with the Orme Festival, IntegrART is organising a module that takes place as part of the "Culture and Health" conference of the City of Lugano: Demis Quadri and Daniel Bausch from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri and Emanuel Rosenberg from the Teatro Danzabile will report on the first semester of the CAS in "Diversity and Inclusive Practice in Performing Arts" (2021/2022) with its new opportunities and approaches in the area of inclusive arts education. Claire Cunningham will show her lecture performance "4 Legs Good" and lead a workshop. In cooperation with the Orme Festival Lugano, as part of the "Culture and Health" conference of the City of Lugano and the LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura.

  • Place/date: due to the current situation, the event has been postponed from its original date of 12/13 March 2021 and will now take place in October 2021. Information to follow.

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Focus 3: audio description, Berne

Swiss cultural institutions rarely offer audio description for dance performances, i.e. acoustic descriptions of visuals for blind and visually impaired audiences. BewegGrund. Das Festival, together with IntegrART, is organising a workshop on audio description in dance. How can inclusive teams work on the development of AD for dance productions? What are the possibilities and challenges? The visually impaired artist Sophia Neises will demonstrate the artistic potential that audio description holds. The workshop is aimed at mediators of cultural institutions, dance professionals and visually impaired or blind practitioners of AD who want to expand the scope of their work to include the area of dance.

  • Place/date: as part of the BewegGrund. Das Festival in Berne, on 26th May 2021

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