Rethinking Structures

In its eighth edition, the IntegrART Symposium transforms into a broader reflection format: between March and June 2021, several in-depth modules with different focus areas will be held in cooperation with the four partner festivals. The highlight will be the IntegrART Conference in September, where also the results of the modules will be presented.

IntegrART Conference "Rethinking Structures" 21/22 September 2021, Gessnerallee Zurich

The conference had a hybrid (analog and digital) programme. 

The cultural landscape is changing, due to global social and political events. This makes it particularly important to take a moment in order to examine structures and working processes. Institutions tend to base their structures on a narrow norm. People who do not conform to this norm are not included, and exclusions are  (re)produced constantly. What work is needed in order to sustainably establish new models and to take intersectional aspects into account?

Theatres show productions by and with disabled artists more frequently than they did ten years ago. This development is of course to be welcomed. However, disabled artists who have complete creative authority over their work remain a rarity in Switzerland. The artistic leadership of inclusive projects often lies with non-disabled people. Disabled people also do not hold positions of institutional artistic leadership in  Switzerland. The only way to achieve these goals is by reinventing our structures,  allowing for co-creative modes of working and new  patterns to emerge that make change possible.

Disabled artists are already working on models that rethink structures and are not based on a norm disabled people need to adapt to. With a programme of presentations, workshops and discussions, the conference invites attendees to listen, ask questions and to create a different reality.

For the first time, the reflection format has its own specially produced artistic format with “Sketch of Togetherness”. For IntegrART, the Swiss choreographer Lea Moro adapts together with Nina Muehlemann her performative project that looks at the physical, social, personal and emotional qualities of an encounter between two people: a politician and a disabled artist spend a day together, accompanied by a camera. At the conference, they will meet for a second time, now in front of an audience. The focus is on their togetherness, and the possibilities of encounters are being put to the test. Spaces of resonance and reflection are opened up and the possibilities for togetherness are (re)negotiated.

direction conference: Nina Mühlemann