Compañía Danza Mobile I Antonio Quiles: Helliot

A contemporary dance solo for a diverse audience

27.5. 8 p.m., Basel, Wildwuchs Festival Tickets 
29.5. 8 p.m., Lugano, ORME Festival Tickets 
2.6. 8 p.m., Bern, BewegGrund.DasFestival Tickets
4.6. 8 p.m., Genf, Out of the Box – Biennale des Arts inclusifs Tickets

In his solo that lies at the intersection of dance, theatre and performance, dancer Helliot Baeza, who was born in Spain and is a member of the Compañía Danza Mobile since 2006, goes on a scenic journey that brings the uniqueness of each person into focus. Starting from his own biography, Beaza opens up debates, builds bridges and asks what it is that unites people, creates differences between them and what separates them. It is the supposedly «other» that creates friction with prevalent concepts of so-called normality and leads to the question of what it currently takes to be considered a «good» dancer and what that could be. Disarmingly self-sufficient and with catchy modes of storytelling, Bazea skilfully uses a wide range of forms of expression, supported by rhythmically pulsating drum music. «Helliot» creates a universe on stage, in which humanity as a whole, as a mosaic of single stories, becomes a reference and a reality in which no judgement takes place.

Duration: 55 Min
In Spanish, with German surtitles
With audio description for people with visual impairment

Helliot Baeza, born in Spain, has been part of the ensemble of «Danza Mobile» since 2006 and since then starred in numerous projects of the company. The company «Danza Mobile» from Seville was formed in 2001 and since has advanced to an important voice in the world of contemporary dance. Founded at the initiative of over 60 professional artists and organisations, the internationally touring company plays an important role in the area of inclusive performance arts. Its outstanding productions received many accolades, such as the «Premio Dionisos» for socially engaged theatre projects, awarded by the UNESCO-Comunidad de Madrid (2012), as well as the award 'Solidaridad', awarded by the Unión de Actores e Intérpretes de Andalucía (2010).

Idea and concept: Antonio Quiles
Performance: Helliot Baeza
Choreography: Antonio Quiles & Helliot Baeza
Artistic advisor/ assistance choreography: Esmeralda Valderrama
Lights: Benito Jiménez
Sound: Pepe Arce
Costume: Loulitas Co.
Voice-Over: Nacho Terceño
Graphics:          Raúl Guridi
Photo: Raquel Alvarez, Victor Domínguez, Pablo Benítez y Sofía Leiva
Communication: Mercedes Vega
Production/Distribution: Javier Ossorio
Premiere : March 2018, Teatro de la Fundición | Sevilla