Maria Tembe/Lovatiana Rakotobe: Affinity

CANCELLED: Due to travel restrictions, the performers can not enter Switzerland. 

Lovatiana Rakotobe discovered contemporary dance in 1994 and joined the Rary dance company of Ariry Andriamoratsiresy, where she trained as a dancer and choreographer. In 2002 Lovatiana set up her own company and dedicated herself to various projects and initiatives in dance with a focus on inclusion: Her Teboka Lasitra dance technique (2008) was created with the intent to realise choreographies for blind people, she initiated the artistic platform «Kilokolo» for children and people with disabilities (2009) and with ATPEA (2011) she founded the Atelier de Transmission Pédagogique and Artistic Exchange. ATPEA promotes the encounters of professional dancers in the conventional sense and disabled dancers.Dancers Lovatiana Rakotobe and Maria Tembe first met during the Migros Culture Percentage residency programme «watch & talk» at the Wildwuchs Festival 2017 in Basel. Even the first improvisation that took place there managed to create a highly concentrated atmosphere of togetherness, which resulted in the beginning of a shared narrative that exists beyond language. Subsequent residencies at the Unmute Dance Festival in Capetown and the Kinani Festival in Maputo (Mosambique), as well as, most recently, Basel made it possible for the transnational duo to pursue a continuous collaboration. Disregarding their differing first languages, in «Affinity» they weave their respective origins and memories together, resulting in a tableau that is fragile but also consistently becoming richer. An intricate game with a piece of cloth visualises tensions and harmonies found within their relationship, as the stage creates a plain backdrop. Their differently coded body languages reveal points of connection and create, with impressive absoluteness, an incomparable mode of storytelling. The coproduction with IntegrART will have its premiere as part  of the partner festivals 2021.

Duration: 30 minutes

Maria Tembe was born in Maputo, Mozambique and obtained her training in contemporary dance as part of the project (In)Dependence at CulturArte, an initiative that supports contemporary performing arts in Maputo. During this training she worked with choreographers such as Panaibra Canda, Martial Chazalon, Martin Champaut, Boyzie Cekwana and Carlos Pez. Following this, she performed as a dancer in various productions, such as «(in)dependence» (2007) and «Borderlines» (2010) by Panaibra Canda as well as «Inkomati (des)accord» (2009) by Panaibra Canda and Boyzie Cekwana. With these productions she was invited to perform at Maputo, La Réunion, HAU in Berlin and the Global DanceFest, New Mexico. In Switzerland she was performing «Borderlines» within the context of IntegrART in 2015, as well as Solo for Maria in 2019.

Choreography/Performance: Lova Rakotobe/Maria Tembe


Lova Rakotobe, links im Bild stehend. Rechts im Bild Maria Tembe, stehend. Ein weisses Tuch, zu einer Kordel zusammengerollt, zwischen den beiden